Moving Sale :)

I decided that I want to move after my university degree. Most likely to the US or the UK. I need to sell some stuff that I won't need anymore and need to earn some money to finance it.

My list of stuff for sale is here and will be updated from time to time:
Sale List

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Two new bags for sale

I decided to sell some more of my bags. I made the first one in England It has a zipper and is quite sturdy. It is large sized.

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The second one is a small bag with a flap. No zipper or lining. Perfect for going out! Has space enough for mobile phone, wallet and some other small stuff (pocket book...)

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New webblog

I thought it's time for a new blog.
Right now I'm at my parents home and not in Colbitz. My boyfriend had to go down to Munich very surprisingly and I have no clue when he'll be back. Sorry to you guys but I'll ship your stuff as soon as I come back. Promised!

I'm working on a new laptop/book bag. Guess it will take some time until it's finished because I have to finish some other things first

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